JLGard Consulting
IT consulting services specializing in  
Critical Incident Management,
Outsourced Operations Relationships
and  Call Center Technologies

Critical Incident Management
Call Center Technologies
Outsourced Operations
Call Centers function best when the technology behind them is invisible, both  to the customer and to the business.  Ensuring that all the pieces of the puzzle snap together and don't leave gaps is vital.  

We can help you identify those gaps and find solutions with true cost/benefit balance.
Service interruptions happen. .. 
That's a fact of life in IT
When they do, they cost your company in more than direct dollars or cost of repair.  They also cost time, productivity and
customer satifaction.
We can help.
With proper planning,  handling and follow through, you can dramatically reduce downtime from Critical Incident Outages

For all the benefits that Managed Services provide, they can also build walls between your staff and your vendors; walls that  cause poor communications,
inefficiency and delay.

We'll show you how to build the IT to IT bridges at every level that will turn a business agreement into a working partnership that really works.